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Why Our Website Have Two Different Product
Dec 27, 2017

hello every customer ,why you open our wedsite  you muct confused about the product 

why our wesite have two different product:carpet and makeup tools 

1.the fist time  this wesite is builded by my younger sister .she have the factory and carpet store in the international trade market in Yiwu,but she is too busy to do it  and i also not profession on carpets .so she give me 

2.our company do business for makeup tools about 5 years ,we have the factory in Shenzhen Guangdong,and have a shop on alibaba ( two years .so i hold this wesite for our products .

3. donot worry ahout the products .any question about the goods (carpet or makeup tools ) we can solve your question in time 

4 we are differet business .different company  ,but we are together .my sister compamy near me .and also we are factory.we can give you the best price also the quality .

5 maybe someone like you also need both carpet and makeup tools or your friend needs either of them   it will be easy for you  hO(∩_∩)O哈哈~

have a nice days  my dear . sorry to make your confuse!!

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