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Placement Of The Door Mat
Sep 05, 2017

Kitchen: Block the water in the kitchen, oil into the kitchen outside the place. South Korea has recommended that the use of absorbent water absorbent cotton dust mat. The color is deep, the stain is not obvious, easy to clean, the price is cheap.

Balcony, stair mouth: Can play a non-slip effect.

Doorway: decontamination, dusting, prevent the soil on the shoes from entering the room. General use of coconut fiber materials, rubber, nylon, polypropylene, polyester and other material dust pad.

Toilet: Water absorption effect. Therefore, the choice of cotton or ultra-fine fiber mats, especially the ultra-fine fiber material is preferred. Consumers in the bath after the direct step on the top, suction water fast, tactile comfort.

Bedrooms: Put on the bedside, we recommend the use of cotton or microfiber in the bedroom mat. These two land cushion material safety pollution-free, completely eliminated the static electricity trouble, and the texture is comfortable, extremely suits the bedroom and the child room use.

Xuan Guan: Can play to protect the floor, reduce to the ground wear effect. Therefore, the choice of soft texture, not easy to lose wool acrylic material mat