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Advantages Of Doormat
Sep 05, 2017

⑴ in general, the ground can be divided into soft ground and hard ground, soft ground refers to carpet and so on, hard ground refers to floor tile, wood floor and so on, and Doormat is a new product between soft ground and hard ground, mainly used in many high-level places such as hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, office buildings, etc. Some high-grade places soft ground area occupies 75% above the total ground area, this also has achieved these places a unique enterprise image display and the style, therefore the soft ground maintenance and the protection also appears particularly important. If the main role of the carpet is to decorate, then the function of the door mat is more practical, in addition to the carpet as has the function of decoration, door mat from the door, take up the dust, water, mud, non-slip, and other tasks, in some special occasions have a anti-fatigue, anti-static effect.

⑵ can enhance the overall image and beauty of the entrances and exits of the building, and it will improve the overall image of the building with its exquisite decoration.

⑶ designed for the removal of mud scraping sand and carpet-type mat has an important function, is to remove mud scraping sand, hiding dust function. In fact, the amount of money spent on the cleaning of the sediment in the room by pedestrians is enormous, and if you can in a large number of buildings in the doorway according to the appropriate way to pave the door, you can remove most of the soil from the flow of people, can not only greatly reduce the cost of cleaning the soil, but also to keep the indoor environment clean.