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Professional New Design 10pcs Glitter Unicorn Makeup Brush Cosmetic Brush

Professional New Design 10pcs Glitter Unicorn Makeup Brush Cosmetic Brush

professional New Design 10pcs Glitter Unicorn Makeup Brush Cosmetic Brush

Selection of makeup brushes:

Large and small makeup brushes, the light-eye part is divided into a large number of flat round, how to use it in the end, it is really a nerve-rack! In fact, there is a small rule to follow: the softer and looser the bristles, the less powder is taken, which is suitable for blooming; the more concentrated the bristles are, the more powder is drawn, which is suitable for use when strengthening.

It is most important to choose a brush. Try it before you buy it. Pick up the brush and see if it feels smooth. Can I keep the original shape after brushing? Is the bristles firm or sparse? Gently pull the bristles to see if there is any bristles falling off. It is best to try it on the face, because there is still a mistake in the back of the hand, and the comfort of the face is really comfortable.

Some fiber synthetic bristles should be cleaned every 2 to 3 weeks, cleaned with a professional makeup brush cleaner, or with a neutral lotion shower gel and conditioner.

Introduction to the main functions of the makeup brush set:

Blush brush: The blush brush is generally similar to the loose powder brush, and some are smaller than the loose powder brush. Generally it is a design of the oblique opening, which makes it easier to feel the structure of the painting position.

Floating powder brush / residual powder brush / small fan shape: The floating powder brush looks like a fan, which can remove the residual powder in the facial makeup process, making the makeup more tidy.

Eyebrow brush: The eyebrow brush is also designed with a flat oblique mouth. The eyebrow powder is used to draw the general eyebrow shape, and then the eyebrow pencil is used to draw the eyebrows to make the eyebrow shape more three-dimensional.

Eyebrow comb: The eyebrow comb is designed on both sides, and the comb face can be used to comb the eyebrow shape for eyebrow shaping. The comb surface can be used to clean the remaining hair and impurities in the eyebrows.

Quick Details

  • Use:

  • Face

  • Handle Material:

  • Plastic

  • Brush Material:

  • Synthetic Hair

  • Style:

  • Angular Blush, Flat brush

  • Used With:

  • Eye Shadow, Eyeliner, Foundation, Lip Liner, Shaving Brush

  • Place of Origin:

  • Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:


  • Model Number:

  • Y-6610

  • Items Per Set:

  • 10pcs

  • Hair material:

  • Synthetic Fibre ,,Nylon

  • Logo:

  • Accept Private Logo

  • Color:

  • white pink black blue Customized Color

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