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Hydrophilic Non-latex BB Cream Colorfulpuff Water Becomes Sponge

Hydrophilic Non-latex BB Cream Colorfulpuff Water Becomes Sponge

Hydrophilic non-latex wine red matcha color puff water becomes big beauty makeup egg

Quick Details

Material:Sponge, Sponge


Type:Blush, Eye Shadow, Foundation

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:Chaolas

Model Number:YSHZ-13

Product Name:Facial Sponge


Packing:OPP Bag

Application:Cleaning,make up


Reason for selection

The use of a puff is because the oil on the fingers and bacteria can damage the makeup, while the non-latex puff is not easy to break and chip, and is not allergic to the skin. It will swell after wet water, making it easier to apply makeup and repair on the face. It is oil resistant and is ideal for foundations, blushers and loose powders.


The surface is fine, no powder, soft and comfortable skin, it will become bigger when it comes into contact with water.

Clean up regularly

Puffs with sebum and dirt will become more dirty, and it is not easy to get the powder. Please clean the puff at this time.

Use a makeup remover and pour on the puff to make the puff infiltrated repeatedly until the residue is rinsed with water. The traces are slowly disappeared and placed in a cool place to dry.

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