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What is the carpet mold dried with?
Sep 05, 2017

If you can take out the best exposure, if the area is very large can not be easily taken out, you can only use blower. But the blower is the normal temperature of the wind, not hot. Buy a few high-powered hair dryers, blow the kind of hair, and take it off. Or get a few watts of large bulbs (ordinary bulbs, do not save energy lamps), connect the electricity in the moldy place to bake, but this is more dangerous, in case the bulb touches the carpet scorch will fire. There is also a heater, belonging to household heating, is generally flat-blown, do not know the oblique downward blow line can not be consulted sales staff. There is also a household heater, looks like the first kind of fan, but no fan leaves, only to radiate heat, generally is also flat or upward put, do not know let him low head Line No, can consult a salesman.

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