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Development trend of door mat products
Sep 05, 2017

The development of door mat and Mat Enterprise, product development and renewal have great relation with the development of the whole economic environment. With the continuous development of new materials, environmental protection requirements continue to improve, I believe that in the near future, we see the door mat products will be completely different look.

⑴ Greener and Greener

Global environmental problems have come to be solved! All countries in the world are setting targets to reduce energy consumption and reduce pollution, so green materials, green energy should be the inevitable trend of doormat development. In addition, in the production process, the country will certainly gradually to the energy consumption also has the demand, how to reduce the energy consumption in the production process, will become one of the important factors that decides each enterprise future destiny.

Internationalization of ⑵ Design

China's clothing, shoe-making enterprises in order to open up the international market, now began to hire foreign designers to design products. The ultimate goal of marketing is what the market needs and what products to produce. Instead of producing products, sell them. China and the West in the aesthetic aspects of the obvious differences, the door mat enterprises must be before the product production to overcome this cultural differences.

⑶ Product Value Added

Now all enterprises in China are facing the problem of escalation, the price war on the low end can not be bigger and stronger. Doormat enterprises must be in the design, technology and other aspects of increased investment in order to stand the competitive position. You know, India, Vietnam, even North Korea's production costs will be lower than ours, our cost advantage can only be sustained for a period of time.

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