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Carpet Material different use difference is big
Sep 05, 2017

The use of carpet here is mainly to prevent dust is brought into the indoor pollution, so should choose decontamination effect, wear-resistant, easy to clean material as a cushion, such as rubber, coconut fiber material, polypropylene, polyester and so on.

Toilet wash basin front and bathroom door to place carpet is mainly to absorb water function, so should choose cotton or microfiber carpet, in particular, superfine fiber material is preferred.

The kitchen carpet is used here to block the kitchen water and oil into the living area, and it is recommended that the cotton carpet be used here. Because of the absorbent cotton carpet, good oil absorption.

The bedroom is put a rug next to the bed, when get out of bed can be barefoot without cold, suggest in the bedroom use cotton or superfine fiber carpet. These two kinds of carpet material safety pollution-free, completely put an end to the problem of static electricity, but also a comfortable texture.

Staircase carpet at this place mainly play a non-slip role, you can choose acrylic material and non-slip mat carpet.

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