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Nylon Outdoor Pile Carpet

1 with good Water absorption ,dust cleaning ,skid resistance
2 natural and environmentally friendly.
3 durable and no smell

Products name

The striped anti-skid floor of the entrance hall into and out of the ground mat




35*55 40*60CM or customized,




Can be Customized


Any quantity if in stock


Packed with Carton or PVC bag or PE Film




Knock against & moistureproof &antitouling & anti-slip


DOOR .floor . outdoor .bathroom. kitchen door .bedroom. living room.

Deliver time

10-30 days

Our Services

We accept customized designs and OEM

We have professional salesman, guests my customer to purchase, also has the professional after-sales service staff to deal with the problem of orders


1 with good Water absorption ,dust cleaning ,skid resistance

2 natural and environmentally friendly.

3 durable and no smell 

4 Fine workmanship

Carpets are ground coverings made of natural fibers or chemical synthetic fibers such as cotton, hemp, wool, silk, grass, etc., which are knitted, woven or woven by hand or mechanical process. It is one of the world's fine arts and crafts with a long history. Covering the ground of houses, hotels, stadiums, exhibition halls, vehicles, ships, airplanes, etc., it has the effect of reducing noise, heat insulation and decoration.

Sound insulation - the carpet has a tightly ventilated structure that absorbs and isolates sound waves and has good sound insulation.

Improve air quality - The fluff on the surface of the carpet captures and absorbs dust particles floating in the air, effectively improving indoor air quality.

Carpet Safety - Carpet is a soft paving material that differs from hard floor coverings such as marble and ceramic tiles. It is not easy to slip and bump. There are recommended carpets or carpets for children and the elderly.

Artistic Beautification - Carpets are rich in patterns, beautiful colors, and diverse shapes, which can beautify your decorative environment and reflect your personality.

Non-toxic - the carpet does not have radiation, does not emit gases such as formaldehyde that are not conducive to good health, and meets various environmental requirements.

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