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Soft Shaggy Floor Carpet Tiles

Soft touch, good elasticity, bright color and solid texture, good antistatic property and easy to fade and fade.

Products Type

Blending long hair  soft shaggy floor carpet rug


Polyester & Acrylic


40*60cm & 60*90cm & 50*120cm & 60*120/160cm 80*160/200cm & custom size


Latex  & emulsion


Anti-slip & water absorption


Any quantity if in stock  & custom design MOQ :500 /sizeor color


Packed with Carton or PVC bag or PE Film


Red pink yellow brown purple blue withe & Customized


Soft & easy to clean & can machine wash


DOOR .floor . outdoor .bathroom. kitchen door .bedroom. living room.

Deliver time

10-30 days

Our Services

We accept customized designs and OEM

We have professional salesman, guests my customer to purchase, also has the professional after-sales service staff to deal with the problem of orders

A good mat should first be able to achieve its functions well, such as dirt, sand, and water. This is the fundamental criterion for measuring the quality of the mat. Secondly, good mats should be easy to maintain, do not need to spend too much manpower and material resources, should also be durable and environmentally friendly, and the color can be kept beautiful for a long time. If the above items are met, it should be said to be a qualified mat. When consumers buy, they may wish to take a few more stores to compare the differences in materials. In addition, it is important to make your home's floor mats durable and to enhance daily cleaning and maintenance.

Scope of use: in front of the sofa, under the coffee table, bedside, children's room, old man's room, self-occupied bedroom full floor, entrance door, bay window, tatami, kitchen bathroom foot pad or full shop, are very suitable.


1.Soft touch, good elasticity, bright color and solid texture, good antistatic property and easy to fade and fade.

2.Soft, elastic, can reduce the human body damage caused by fall, at the same time step on the soft and elastic carpet, instantly make body and mind to relax, reduce fatigue, not easily arising from the hard ground and sole impact frequently in shock.

3.The thick pile of hair on the carpet. Dust that can be absorbed into the air, preventing dust from spreading, reducing dust in the air, and balancing indoor temperature to keep indoor air clean.

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